Our story so far… and Our pledge to Accountability and Transparency       

Our greatest asset presently is the immense human capital of volunteering visiting highly trained and experienced medical experts in over 100 sub-specialties from the North American diaspora, rotating in Nigeria year-round, doing consultations. This huge talent reversal is the greatest resource, proving now to be a practical solution to the challenge of medical tourism in the country since the large human capital flight began in the mid-1980s. This is even more sustainable with many rising stars of the second generation Nigerian Americans in medicine (some of America’s best) in the same diaspora.

The current challenge is the building of modern infrastructure in the super-specialties for long-term and sustaining it. The present Lagos medical offices consultation model also has in avail, affordable IT technology of telemedicine to overcome some of the present-day general infrastructural barriers in Nigeria. The journey to a world-class Referrals-only hospital begins now to a timeline of 2024.  This is doable. We sincerely believe the we have to abandon the old “conventional” method of dependency, intellectual despondency and reliance of foreign aid or donors.  There are innovative self-reliant approaches in looking inwards within the country in spite of the challenges. The founding and current members of this organization have made many selfless sacrifices and cannot definitely do it all alone.  We members invite all like minds in the land with high integrity to join in this national pride, patriotic long assiduous journey exemplified by the towering men and women who sit on our Advisory board.

Within legal framework as a not-for-profit organization, our current Capital campaign model is now focused within the country on sustainable infrastructure development of the super-tertiary tier of Nigeria’s healthcare system with long-term engagement of the corporate private sector in the country. This include the reputable multinational corporations within the country particularly those who have been doing thriving business in Nigeria for a very long time.  As a moral imperative, they are being encouraged to give something back to that soil that has made it possible for them to remain very profitable for many decades, for these good causes that will benefit all, within the laws of the land such as tax incentives in corporate giving and corporate social responsibility.

In our annals, Coca Cola Nigeria took the towering lead on December 6, 2013 at our inauguration in Nigeria. Our infrastructural phase I (2014-2024) is on.  Our Annual financial reports are audited by one of the most respected Accounting firms in the world, Ernst & Young.  Our Endowment portfolios with specific infrastructure specialty development bequest mandates are managed by some of the finest global Asset managers with presence in the country: Chapel Hill Denham, First City Asset Management, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management & JPMorganChase with transparency policy with each Endowment giver. Our Financial books are in the public domain and available on request. This is our solemn pledge to all, as enshrined in our incorporation and bylaws in the collective mission of restoring the past glories of medical excellence in Nigeria that earned international respect and acclaim in the 1960s and 1970s.

We remain true to this for our common posterity and generations yet unborn, at home and in diaspora.


The Board of Trustees & Advisory Board, November 2017    

Correspondence: info@namfi.org